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UPDATES!!! (25/Apr/21)

Updated: May 16, 2021

I'm thinking of making weekly updates on Sundays as I'm getting close to completing my Grad Film. I've been meaning to make these updates for the past few days, but animation is super busy as you can tell! These are based on projects I've been working on, so let's begin!


Over 60K views now! We're all anticipating to hit the six-digit mark! The student in charge of the campaign had a radio interview and they want to see MORE of these characters! I have been open to make more!


My Grad Film is nearly done, so might as well reveal its title. It's a semi-autobiography about my experiences with Autism, featuring personal issues and how my time at college grew my confidence/independence. Be sure to check for more details later!


Not a lot to update on this project. A lot of progress has been worked on my Grad Film. One thing I can show is this Mantis head I made on Illustrator as a test. It's pretty uncanny! Still looking forward to animating!

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