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UPDATES!!! (07/Jan/24)

HOORAY! The first update of the new year is... nothing. Yeah, now that the holidays are over it's back to work for me and spending less time on my projects. Still have a few more things to make/figure out for Calypso, but won't be resuming for a while.

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UPDATES!!! (18/Feb/24)

Well, that was disappointing. I didn't get selected for a French film festival that specialises the colour blue, and I thought Mr. Copycat being blue and the story's Paris setting would win 'em over.

UPDATES!!! (12/Feb/24)

I'M SORRY!!! Completely forgot to make my weekly post last night! I was actually drafting my own adaptation of We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story after seeing the 1993 film for the first time about a mont

UPDATES!!! (04/Feb/24)

This Wednesday is that time again when I do my animation career talk for Experience Day at the school where I work. Little additions/changes were needed for my presentation and showreel, but I do need

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