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UPDATES!!! (21/Jan/24)

The good news is my cough is recovering from some medicine I got this week, the catch is I had another weekend wasted. Nobody seems to have an idea of what to do. Anyway, there's one more festival notification for January coming up but I doubt I'll get it.

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UPDATES!!! (18/Feb/24)

Well, that was disappointing. I didn't get selected for a French film festival that specialises the colour blue, and I thought Mr. Copycat being blue and the story's Paris setting would win 'em over.

UPDATES!!! (12/Feb/24)

I'M SORRY!!! Completely forgot to make my weekly post last night! I was actually drafting my own adaptation of We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story after seeing the 1993 film for the first time about a mont

UPDATES!!! (04/Feb/24)

This Wednesday is that time again when I do my animation career talk for Experience Day at the school where I work. Little additions/changes were needed for my presentation and showreel, but I do need

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