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UPDATES!!! (30/Apr/23)


With two days to spare, I have managed to complete my scene in time! Won't be animating for a while, but I'll keep my eye out for more Reanimated collabs. Hilda and Bluey would be great!


And thus ends the Marvels of Media 2023 exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image. It's been a pleasure to return to New York to accept my SECOND award in a row, and it's gonna be hard to top my last two films! Thanks again for the award! Hope to see you all next year!


It was on this day two years ago that my Uni's recording studio I booked for my film's narration had been cordoned off due to a squirrel infestation. I was told to try to use the room and I did... only to find a squirrel looking behind me from the ceiling. Nope.

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